Jollof rice seasoning powder (100g) X40

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Whether used in traditional jollof rice recipes or variations with vegetables, chicken, or beef, this versatile seasoning blend brings a balanced and authentic taste to your culinary creations. Known for its convenience and ability to elevate the flavor of jollof rice dishes, AACE Foods Jollof Rice Seasoning Powder is a must-have for both home cooks and enthusiasts of West African cuisine. Trust AACE Foods Jollof Rice Seasoning Powder to enhance your jollof rice recipes with its authentic and delectable taste. AACE Foods Jollof Seasoning Powder is a unique blend of spices that gives your rice that authentic Jollof taste. It is perfect for all your African dishes. Great in preparing jollof rice, stew, sauce moimoi, yam porridge and seasoning meat and fish.

Size: 100g


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