Fried Rice Seasoning Powder (80g) X12

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Product Details:

  • Brand: AACE Foods
  • Product: Fried Rice Seasoning Powder
  • Size: 80g

Enhance your fried rice with the authentic taste it deserves using AACE Foods Fried Rice Seasoning Powder. Try it today and experience the difference in your culinary creations!


AACE Foods Fried Rice Seasoning Powder: Elevate Your Fried Rice Dishes

AACE Foods presents its premium Fried Rice Seasoning Powder, renowned for its exceptional quality and authentic flavor. This seasoning powder is specially crafted to enhance the taste and aroma of your fried rice dishes. Made with a blend of high-quality spices, herbs, and seasonings, each ingredient is meticulously sourced and processed to ensure optimal freshness and flavor.


  • Authentic Flavor: Formulated with traditional spices to give your fried rice that genuine taste you crave.
  • Premium Quality: Carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients for a superior culinary experience.
  • Convenient: Adds rich flavor and aroma to your fried rice effortlessly.



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